Celebrate the Dog-ness of Your Furry Friend with Kreature Comforts!

Unboxing this product was so much fun !This product will leave your pup feeling pampered and looking fabulous. 

Winner Announced Here on 1 May 2023

New-to-market local pet brand goes to the dogs – and they wouldn’t want it any other way Kreature Comforts, South Africa’s newest brand of pet products, takes a different approach by designing and curating products that celebrate the unique dog-ness of our furry friends.

Every day we see the latest celeb carrying their pooch around in a bling-encrusted carrier, or a young couple taking their fur baby out for a stroll on the trendiest lead or a fancy set of food and water bowls that are stunning to look at but highly impractical.  As collective dog lovers, we need to face the harsh reality that often we choose our pet accessories because they’re “just so cute”, without considering whether or not they’re the best choice for our dogs.

Luckily for Fido and Fifi, recently launched, Kreature Comforts, only stocks products loved by their most discerning customers – dogs themselves. “There are scores of well-intentioned pet owners out there who are buying the things that they’re attracted to instead of thinking about what is most functional for their pets”, says Melissa-Rae Lourens, Director of Kreature Comforts.

This is largely due to the fact that many products that are wonderful for your pets are just not always as appealing to pet owners as they are to pets. As brands sell their products to people and not the pets using them, pets often get lost in the equation during product development, leading to overpriced impractical products that don’t serve to enhance the lives of pets and their parents but rather end up leading to frustration and the reinforcement of problematic behaviors.” So what exactly should pet owners be looking for when shopping? Melissa says a range where every design, texture, flavour, and formula has been scrutinised to find the only most exceptional products for both pets and their parents to enjoy.

She continues, “We are providing something different because of the intention and thought that goes into the design of each item to produce not only a product but also a certain outcome when using it. Take for example, a dog leash. It’s a simple design made to serve a simple purpose, right? Wrong. Most companies approach the design of their collars and leads from an aesthetic point of view or they end up overengineering them by including unnecessary features, which results in frustratingly impractical products. We, on the other hand, fully accept and understand that not all pets are well behaved ‘angels’ we also understand why that is, we tailor our products to suit the more mischievous aspects of their nature without compromising on the visual appeal of the product. By considering the natural tendencies and behaviours of both pets and their parents our products result is a more balanced, happy and fulfilling experience for everybody – and every fur-body.”

Kreature Comforts is also the exclusive South African stockist of Pride + Groom, a globally celebrated brand of grooming products, (even Oprah is a fan). Pride + Groom is a female-founded company based in New York and has been flying off of shelves everywhere from Bloomingdales to Selfridges to name but a few. “Social media has normalised the humanisation of pets, and pet product suppliers are capitalising on this without really realising the impact it has on pet wellbeing. We are much more interested in developing products that allow your dog to be a dog, so that you can get back to enjoying one of life’s greatest pleasures instead of feeling the need to turn them into hairy four-legged humans, concludes Melissa.

Website: https://www.kreaturecomforts.co.za/ 
Facebook: https://web.facebook.com/kreaturecomfortsofficial
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/kreature.comforts/

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Celebrate the Dog-ness of Your Furry Friend with Kreature Comforts! | Pet Health CareKreature Comforts: The Brand That Celebrates Dog-ness!


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