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Pet HealthCare was launched in early 2013.
We realise that keeping up to date with everything in the pet-loving world is not always that easy.  
For this reason, Pet HealthCare is there to help you understand and enjoy pet ownership.

Find everything under one WOOF.

In a nutshell, this is what you can find on PetHealthcare

  1. Plan your holidays and take your pets along with you, thus taking the stress out of planning your Pet-Friendly holiday.  We take the worry out about finding accommodation to be pet and human friendly, but you also have the ability to search for places to go with your pets while you are away from home. 
  2. Find a suitable place to have a quick bite or a comfy family meal at a Pet-Friendly Restaurant.
  3. Any Pet-Friendly venue can list their Pet-Friendly services with us free of charge.
  4. Anyone who owns a Pet Business in South Africa can list their Pet Business with us (for free).
  5. Get the latest information regarding Pet News.
  6. Find us on our Social Media channels, Facebook and Twitter
  7. Animal Welfare organisations have access to Free Banner advertising, whilst everyone else can get maximum exposure at affordable rates.
  8. Owning a pet has responsibilities and pet insurance offers one the security in managing your finances. 
    With veterinary technology improving at a rapid pace, the cost of their advanced services can often result in a tragedy - if you cant afford their specialised care. 
    Pet Insurance is vital to helping you take care of your pets medical needs.
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