Why NO Bones for Dogs?

The best thing to do for a dog is to never give them a bone.

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Why do people give dogs bones?  Where does this come from?

Dogs would - by nature - hunt their prey and chew on the flesh and bones to survive.  Since the start of domesticated dogs, people have tried to replace this act with the 'humane' way - and it has lead to many disasters.   You just have to google dog chewing a bone and you will find so many sad stories.

What can you do if you want to give a dog a bone?

1. Make sure the bone is raw.
2. Cooked bones are too soft and bones can not digest.
3. If a dog eats a cooked bone, the fragments are likely to damage the intestinal tract, which could lead to vomiting (blood) and or defecating with much pain and difficulty.
4. Give the dog a bone after you have fed the dog.  A hungry dog will be more likely to succeed in devouring a bone.
5. Small bones often get stuck in dogs' throats or teeth.  Keep an eye on the animal post bone chewing, and make sure they do not show any form of discomfort.  There is nothing wrong with opening the jaw and having a good look for bones stuck in between the teeth, in the palate above or even maybe in the throat.

Dogs can swallow bones much larger than anyone could ever imagine.  A recent case - as shown in the image above - shows how a dog swallowed a bone almost the entire length of the dog itself.  The best advice for you to avoid nasty surprises is to just not feed your dogs bones at all.

Affordable Alternatives to Bones for your dogs

  • Give your dog a FROZEN treat.  You can even freeze their food and give it to them as a chew treat on a hot day. 
  • Fill a KONG with some peanut butter and treats, freeze it and give it to your dog.  The best KONG is the black ones.  They really last the longest.  The cost of this product far outweighs the amount you will spend on keeping up with other chew toys.

If your dog is a chewer, make sure you keep them chewing, or they will become bored or destructive.


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