What can I add to my dog's kibble?

Kibble is not necessarily bad for pets, but it is important to choose a quality kibble that is appropriate for your pet's age, breed, and activity level.  Knowing that 60% of all dogs who eat kibble will die of cancer, we have to try to ensure they get the best food our money and time can provide them.   It is also important to ensure your pet is getting a balanced diet, including fresh fruits and vegetables, and other sources of protein.

Here are eight easy ideas of food you can add to your dog's daily diet:

1. Cooked sweet potato
2. Cooked brown rice
3. Cooked quinoa
4. Fresh fruit (e.g. apples, bananas, blueberries)
5. Fresh vegetables (e.g. carrots, broccoli, spinach)
6. Lean cooked meats (e.g. chicken, turkey, beef)
7. Healthy fats (e.g. olive oil, coconut oil)
8. Yogurt

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