Diabetic food choice tips for pets

High blood sugar in dogs is rated as a very serious condition, which can lead to increased thirst, depression, hyperactivity, obesity, anxiety, kidney infection, and an enlarged liver, to mention just a few symptoms.

This condition can lead to a chronic condition called Diabetes, which is a complex disease caused by either a lack of the hormone insulin or an inadequate response to insulin. When a dog does not produce insulin or cannot utilize it normally, his blood sugar levels will elevate.

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How can I help prevent diabetes in my dog?

By keeping your dog active, and taking your dog for a walk at least once a day. Exercise can play a role in diabetes prevention and management as it helps regulate blood sugar levels and reduce weight gain. Dogs, just like people, need enough exercise to work off the calories they consume.

Does my pet's diet contribute to a diabetic diagnosis?

Many pets battle these days with diabetes which is often caused by poor nutritional diets that are incredibly high in fat, sugar, and carbohydrate content.

Whether your pet is a diagnosed diabetic or you want to prepare wholesale meals that could avoid diabetes in the future, it is important to remember these important food tips. We would also like to share some yummy pet meal recipes for your pet battling with diabetes or if you would just like your pet to start eating more healthy prepared meals. The choice is yours to make. Always remember that just like you, your pet is what it eats!

Diabetic food choice tips for pets

  1. Your pet's diet should be meat-based (high protein) - Meat that is lean and has as little fat content as possible. We recommend skinless chicken breasts, lean mince, raw food such as Doggobone or healthy prepared frozen meals from Vondi's. Due to the frozen nature of Doggobone and Vondi's, these can be purchased directly from our Feelgood Pets store in Unit 6, Westlake Lifestyle Centre, Westlake, Cape Town.
  2. Use high fiber veggies that can also aid in weight loss such as squash, broccoli, green beans & peas. Carrots are also a good choice as they have their own naturally occurring sugars.
  3. Avoid vegetables like sweet potato and potato in general as they are high in sugar and carbohydrate. 
  4. Use only wholewheat rice and wholewheat pasta as healthy additions to your meat and veggies. 
  5. Feed your pet at consistent meal times. 
  6. Give your pet healthy treats that are high in protein and preferably freeze-dried like Raw Love Venison Biltong.

Foods to avoid feeding diabetic pets

  • Conventional baked pet treats (dog biscuits) - they are usually very high in sugar. We recommend Vondi's biscuit treats that are a much healthier choice and are made with healing herbs. 
  • Canned foods - these are often processed and have loads of added sugar.
  • Dry pet foods - Most conventional dry pellets are a blend of protein & carbohydrates (very high in fat content). We recommend freeze-dried dog food like Grandma Lucy's Artisan Chicken Flavour dog food. This particular dry food has the same nutritional benefits as raw food, accept all you have to do is add water and voila you have a delicious healthy meal for your pet - no mess no fuss! 

Home-cooked recipe ideas for pets battling with diabetes

You will soon learn what your pet likes and doesn't like, so in the beginning try using a basic diabetic pet-friendly recipe like:

  • 1 meat choice like chicken, mince or a lean cut of meat
  • Add only 1 vegetable like either broccoli, carrots, snap peas or squash
  • A few sprigs of fresh parsley (high in fiber)
  • You can also add a clove or 2 of crushed garlic for flavour 
  • Replace conventional cooking oil with coconut oil. Coconut oil is really healthy for your pet as it has antibacterial and antiviral properties that contribute to your pet's overall well being 
  • To the above, you can add wholewheat rice or pasta 

You can get quite creative with the recipes you choose to make for your pet but always remember the guidelines we mentioned above to ensure that they remain as healthy and beneficial as possible for a pet-friendly diabetic diet. 

How to treat pet diabetes naturally

Are you looking for the best natural solution to treat your pet's diabetic condition? We can help! Try DiabeTonic for pets. DiabeTonic will help maintain healthy blood sugar levels and improve insulin availability and production. In case you did or didn't know diabetic pets are predisposed to bladder infections as a certain type of bacteria thrives in your pet’s sugar-rich urine. Add UTI-Free and LiverAid to your pet’s diabetic management program to optimize blood sugar control.



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