Bravecto helps animal welfare

Bravecto® helps animal welfare organisations through far-reaching #BravectoCares campaign

With the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic still being felt across the globe, welfare and non-profit organisations are struggling to meet their outreach objectives with regular donor funding drying up. As a way to ease the burden on South Africa’s heroic animal welfare community, Bravecto® is stepping in and donating more than R9 million worth of Bravecto® stock, from May to October, through its #BravectoCares campaign.

“The tireless work done by our dedicated animal welfare community has continued, uninterrupted, throughout the pandemic, but with funds critically low across the non-profit sector, the vital provision of flea and tick protection for animals often falls by the wayside,” explained Carolyn Chelchinskey, Business Unit Manager for Bravecto®. “The launch of the #BravectoCares campaign allows us to support the incredible work being done and make a real difference to rescue organisations by alleviating the financial burden, and ensuring these animals are enjoying long-term protection against fleas and ticks.”

The #BravectoCares campaign will include donations of Bravecto® Spot-On for Dogs and Bravecto® Spot-On for Cats.

Bravecto® Spot-On for Dogs provides effective protection of four months against ticks, and six months’ protection against fleas, while Bravecto® Spot-On for Cats protects cats against ticks, fleas and ear mites for three months. It’s a convenient and affordable method for treating parasites, providing this extended protection through just a single dose.

Also included in the Bravecto® range is the popular Bravecto® Chew for dogs which, with a single treatment, provides 12 weeks of flea and tick protection. After treating, Bravecto® Chew starts killing fleas within two hours, effectively killing more than 95% of fleas within 12 hours over the 12-week period.

The six-month #BravectoCares campaign will sponsor Bravecto® Spot-On to 13 pre-selected and nominated animal welfare organisations. Communities are encouraged to nominate and vote for organisations through the ‘Bravecto South Africa’ Facebook page. The first 4000 units of Bravecto® Spot-On will be distributed throughout May and, to kick off the campaign, Bravecto® has announced the first three recipients will be the Animal Anti-Cruelty League (AACL), the South African Veterinary Association’s Community Veterinary Clinics (SAVA CVC) and the People’s Dispensary for Sick Animals (PDSA).

“Bravecto® has a long association with these three incredible organisations, all of whom are dedicated to the care of South Africa’s most vulnerable animals,” continued Chelchinskey. “We encourage communities from all across the country to nominate a local animal welfare organisation that is not only making a difference to the lives of our animals, but could also use some support!”

How to get involved in #BravectoCares

To nominate an organisation to receive Bravecto® Spot-On donations, follow the ‘Bravecto South Africa’ (@Bravecto.SouthAfrica) Facebook page. Nominations will open on a regular basis, and you can name or tag an organisation using the #BravectoCares hashtag. The finalists will be announced on Facebook, and supporters are then encouraged to vote for the winner through comments on the post. Winners will be announced on Facebook, and the welcome donation handed over.

For more information about #BravectoCares or the Bravecto® range, visit or @Bravecto.SouthAfrica on Facebook.



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