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Country: South Africa
Province: KwaZulu-Natal
City / Town: Umhlanga Rocks
Street Address: Highlands Road
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Service Type Pet Kennelling Facility
Brief description of service Dog training, Puppy School, Dog Behaviour Modification, Dog Kennels and Doggy day care facilities on offer!

Call your Dog Behaviourist Pam!
K9 Communications specializes in modifying dog behaviour problems of all kinds. We offer solutions for those behaviour issues that are starting to take over your life, so that you may have a friendly dog that is a joy to share your home. Methods are passive and results are permanent. Communication is natural, simple and powerfully gentle – with no stress to either owner or dog.
When it comes to raising a well balanced dog, K9 Communication’s advice is always quite simple; Start as early as you can and it’s never too late to start.

Member of the Animal Behaviour Consultants of SA©™
Our Services cater for Dogs
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Phone: 031 5725146
Cell phone: 0836288804
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