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Country: South Africa
Province: Western Cape
City / Town: Bloubergstrand
Info for Canine Compost Manufacturing
Service Type Other Pet Service
Brief description of service Eco-friendly dog waste removal company aims to alleviate dog waste from our landfills.
CANINE COMPOST turn poop scooping into usable compost for the earth.

How it works:
we provide you with a bin and compostable bin liner used for collecting dog waste.
Every week on your bin collection day we will come and collect your dog waste
We will leave you with a fresh bin liner for the new week.
From there we take that waste to our farm where we turn it into usable compost.

Where else would it go?

When people think recycling, they think paper or glass they never think dog poop.
The reality is that around 10% of South Africa’s waste is recycled. With about 9.2 million owned dogs, this means our landfills sit with over 1 billion kilograms of waste a year. The sad reality of all this is that most of the waste is sitting in plastic that will not decompose.

Even the best-case scenario of using biodegradable bags to dispose of dog waste can have long term effects on the environment. A landfill does not provide the right conditions for the dog waste or compostable bags to decompose, what it essentially does is preserve organic matter that cannot decompose.

Our aim is to make recycling easy and to ensure that dog waste gets turned into a useful nutrient for the earth.
Our Services cater for Dogs
We also cater for Rabbits
Cost for Canine Compost Manufacturing - Subject to Change
R100 a month for weekly pick up.
R200 a month for bi-weekly pick up.
Contact for Canine Compost Manufacturing
Phone: 0718993939
Cell phone: 0718993939
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