Chihuahua Adoptions SA

Location for Chihuahua Adoptions SA
Country: South Africa
Province: Gauteng
City / Town: Benoni
Street Address: We do not have a shelter and make use of foster homes across the country. Foster parents needed all the time, please contact us.
Info for Chihuahua Adoptions SA
Service Type Breed Specific Rescues
Brief description of service Chihuahua Adoptions SA rescues, rehabilitates and rehomes retired breeder Chihuahuas or any Chihuahuas in need of a forever home.

We are all people who are Chiaholics and therefore devote our lives to save, rescue, rehabilitate and re-home chihuahuas from all walks of life. We rehome surrendered Chihuahuas that come from homes that hand then over for whatever person reasons. We also rehome breeder Chihuahua's that have entered retirement. Our ex-breeding Chihuahua's have lived in cages or pens for most of their lives and have not been part of a family or been a pet prior to rehoming. These Chihuahua's will need some form of integration to learn to become part of a family environment, and therefore we only consider loving patient knowledgeable families that is willing to commit to their on-going integration. It is difficult to give numbers in terms of fosters and adoptable Chihuahuas as they come and go on a daily weekly basis. But we have approximately 15 dogs at any given time looking for homes. We have 13 special needs dogs which is un-adoptable due to health ailments such as corneal ulcers, blindness, separation anxiety, psychological scarring and who suffer from post-traumatic stress and then of course the geriatric dogs and other we are attempting to rehabilitate. These dogs all need on going medical treatment and chronic medication. We do not have a shelter, all our dogs are fostered at loving homes where they can receive love and attention to aid in rehabilitation. All Chihuahua's will be sterilised before rehoming. We are all volunteers who have permanent jobs and our own families but devote our time purely out of love for the breed.
Our Services cater for Dogs
Cost for Chihuahua Adoptions SA - Subject to Change
R1100 adoption fee for an adult Chihuahua - Includes sterilization, vaccination and microchip
R1500 adoption fee for puppy Chihuahua - Includes 1st vaccination, sterilization at 6 months and microchip
Contact for Chihuahua Adoptions SA
Phone: 0828861151
Cell phone: 0827859425 / 0735746893
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