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Country: South Africa
Province: Gauteng
City / Town: Midrand
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Service Type Animal Welfare Organisation or Animal Shelter
Brief description of service WHO ARE WE?

We are NOT a shelter.
We have joined hands with more than 50 foster homes spread throughout Gauteng.
Each of our team members work FULL-TIME, and we tackle our rescue work inbetween.
So yes, it is a mad juggling act - but so very much worth it!

~ We focus on supporting the SPCA, AWS and AACL structures by using our page to network the orphans in need.
These orphans do not have the luxury of time as the reality of volume and space is something that these 3 shelter groups grapple with on a daily basis.
Tough decisions need to be made until society awakens from its ignorance and ensures that their animals are sterilised, vaccinated, securely and safely kept, and given the best possible quality of life.
Specifically because the orphans at these shelters do NOT have the luxury of time, we focus our efforts on giving them as much exposure as possible.
You will therefore find that the PAWS R US page gives you a "one stop" receptacle of orphans available for adoption at these shelter groups.

~ We also engage in our own rescue work, and you will see all our orphans profiled in our ADOPTIONS ALBUM - please see the PHOTO's section of our page.
We ask you to please SHARE our furry ones so that they too may get as much limelight as possible - every share sends out a ripple of hope, and improves their chances of finding their forever homes.

We generate our own funds in order to a) support our foster home network with food, and other items, and b) manage our bill at our rescue vet - the Bergbron Veterinary Clinic on the West Rand, JHB.
You will therefore see us posting our SMS line, as well as occasionally appealing to you all for donations, and/or inviting you to one or other fundraiser that we have put together.
All of these efforts ensure that we can take care of the 50 + rescue dogs in our care.

Let it never be said that we chose to do nothing, when we have the gifts and the ability to do something.

CONTACT: Contact us on for more information.
Given that we all work full-time, we are not able to provide contact telephone numbers.
However, we strive to ensure that all incoming emails are responded to within a maximum period of 48 hours.
Our Services cater for Dogs
Welfare organisation wishlist We are not a welfare, we are all fulltime employed and volunteer to help with ANIMAL RESCUES.
We are looking for volunteers and people who can assist with fostering animals in need.
DONATIONS: Should you wish to make a donation to help us take care of our rescue babies, our banking details are:

Standard Bank,
Cheque Account,
Acc Nr: 402 263 510,
Melville Branch,
Branch Code: 00 6105,
Cost for PAWS R US - Subject to Change
We can only operate from donations and each animal has a different expense.
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Phone: Chantelle
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