Wolf and Women Luxury Dog Treats and Pampering Products

#WolfAndWomen  Wolf and Women Celebrates the Bond Between Dogs and Their Humans

South Africa – Established in 2016 by Kyne Lupini, Wolf and Women specialises in natural, healthy treats for dogs. Beautifully prepared in biodegradable packaging, treat boxes are delivered door-to-door, with each box containing 30 formulated one-a-day treats. This one-of-a-kind subscription service is made not only to ensure that canine companions are given the best quality treats but also to help nurture the bond between pet-lovers and their beloved fur children.

As a life-long animal-lover with a background in wildlife rehabilitation, Kyne Lupini grew up surrounded by Irish wolfhounds and various other animals, hand-raising lions and living within close proximity of bat-eared foxes, baboons, porcupines, bush babies and many other species. Through her love for the African bush, Kyne developed a life-long passion for animals that is brought across in every product that is made at Wolf and Women. Each treat has been carefully formulated with nutrients and minerals that promote optimal health and well-being.

“I believe that there is a wolf in every dog and a wild side to every woman,” says Kyne. “Love, friendship and loyalty are the mantras of Wolf and Women that come across in everything we offer. We believe in providing value, which means the healthier option, organic, biodegradable and of course fun for both of you.”

At its heart, Wolf and Women is a celebration of the love between pets and their humans. Kyne wanted to show her appreciation and love for her dogs in a way that celebrated each moment. After consulting with friend and veterinarian, Dr Marengo, Kyne developed a range of dog treats that did not just meet her own expectations but also boosted her beloved canine friends' health and helped to forge a stronger bond. She began selling dog treats in 2016, officially launching Wolf and Women in 2017. Since then, Kyne has built up a loyal following of clients. The Wolf and Women offering has expanded to include omega oil supplements, grooming products, pet milestone cards and dog cakes.

What's in a typical box of Wolf and Women treats?

The Wolf and Women subscription box is unique in many ways, offering a full month's worth of vet-formulated treats along with a calendar to tick off each day's treat. The treats include 17 iron-enriched treats (bone shaped), 5 omega-enriched treats (whale shaped) and 8 vitamin boosters (strawberry shaped). Each treat contains high quality, naturally-derived ingredients and all treats are wrapped in individual biodegradable packages. The calendar outlines the best time for each nutrient-rich treat to be given to dogs to ensure full benefit of the core nutrient. Subscription boxes are available for small, medium and larger breeds.

The Wolf and Women grooming collection has been a huge success with clients.

This pampering collection includes six premium grooming products:

  1. a strawberry-scented dog shampoo,
  2. a lavender-scented dry shampoo,
  3. a jasmine-scented detangler,
  4. a mint breath spray,
  5. an itch relief spray, and
  6. a protective, soothing snout and paw butter.

All ingredients are safe and natural, providing even more chance to encourage bonding between dogs and their owners.

Exclusive Facebook Group

In addition to a growing collection of products, Wolf and Women also offers an exclusive closed Facebook group  - Wolf and Women Online Vet Q&A. This group is where Dr Marengo answers questions and provides additional support and advice to dog-lovers. This group also allows dog lovers to connect, learn and find information in a secure online space. As the veterinary expert who helped formulate the treats, Dr Marengo's practice is based in Bryanston.

As a young business that aims to grow with the times, while never shying away from risks, Wolf and Women continually strives to innovate. By understanding the unique relationship between man and his (or her) best friend, this inspiring brand aims to provide South African dog lovers with a range of products that are made to be enjoyed by dogs of all breeds, ages and sizes. By encouraging quality time and love with the help of simple, nourishing treats, this brand creates the ultimate bond between dogs and their humans.

Speaking of the rapid growth since launching, Kyne says, “It has been and still is a wonderful and exciting journey and we are excited for what Wolf and Women is doing, the products we are producing and the ideas that are still to come. We would also like to encourage everyone to get out there with your dog, have a good time and also thank them for their unconditional love with a simple treat to say 'thank you'.”

Wolf and Woman Treat Boxes

Wolf and Women treat boxes are available on a monthly subscription basis as well as once-off purchases. Grooming products can be purchased individually or as a complete set. Bi-monthly subscriptions are also available. Each month, a new and exciting treat is included with every new subscription box, adding even more ways for owners to bond with their canine children. Box subscriptions can be paused or cancelled at any time with no obligations or hidden costs.

Visit: http://wolfandwomen.co.za to find out more about what this innovative South African brand has to offer.

About Wolf and Women
Wolf and Women specialises in high quality, natural treats and grooming products made especially for dogs. Made locally in South Africa and approved by vets, each treat is packed full of goodness. Our mission is to ignite the relationship between dog-lovers and their beloved companions, by providing quality time and love with a simple treat.


About Kyne Lupini
Kyne Lupini is the founder of Wolf and Women. After finishing school, she started a wildlife rehabilitation centre, hand-rearing lion cubs Titan and Sahara with the help of her wolfhounds. Tragically, the lion cubs she raised were killed in August 2017, when they were just eight years old. Focusing on the love and happiness that was shared by dogs and their humans helped Kyne work through her pain. With a dream of increasing the bond and experiences between loyal friends, Kyne's experiences in the African bush have given her a life-long love for animals that is rooted in every product that is lovingly made by Wolf and Women.


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