Top Ten Tips for First Time Pet Owners

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First-time pet ownership can be daunting, and for this reason, we are sharing with you some of the most important factors to take into consideration when you add a furry friend to your family:


Visit the local Vet:

  1. Eliminate any possible concerns your new pet might have.
  2. Get your must-have Vaccinations for rabies, parvo, etc. 
  3. De-worming is especially important for a good healthy start in life.
  4. Sterilisation is the next most important thing to do.


Grooming and Medication:
Grooming – If your pet has long hair, start looking for a reputable groomer near you.
Tick and Flea Protection.  Speak to your vet and the groomer about protecting your pets from ticks and fleas.  Always get references for groomers and veterinarian services near you.
Alternative Healing.  There are various ways to medicate ourselves and our animals, consider all the options available.


It’s a pretty common and inexpensive procedure. Be sure to keep this information safe in your pet's file at home.  Remember to update your details every year at the microchip company regarding changes in your contact details.


Pet Insurance:
The cost of veterinary care goes up every year, and you will be shocked when you finally get to see the bill.  For this, we highly recommend pet insurance as soon as possible.   Visit today.


Register your Pet:
In many areas, especially complexes and enclosed communities, it is necessary to get your dog or cat licensed or registered — the cost for not having permission can be pretty severe, such as you have to move or get rid of the animal.


Teach your pet how to walk on a leash, pet-recall and other socially acceptable behaviours, which will make your life together more fun.


Get age-appropriate food. Human food is not safe for pets – they can be toxic to pets including chocolate, grapes, onions, avocados, raisins, macadamia nuts, garlic and coffee.  Avoid dry dog and cat food as much as possible.


Sleeping arrangements
It might not sound too important, but one bad night of sleep will give you perspective on how important this subject is.  Your animal needs a comfortable bed to sleep on, but more importantly, make sure they feel secure in their new home.  All animals like to be cosy, no animal in nature sleep out in an open field.  Give them a place that is secure, under your bed, or a waterproof kennel.  If you have indoor animals, have you ever tried getting a nice kennel for inside the house?  Trust me, they will love this!  Either way, give them a comfortable bed, it is the right thing to do.


Collar and Leash
There are fashionable products on the market, there are practical products on the market, and there are products specifically designed for a purpose, such as running, or walking, or dogs that pull too much.  When you take into consideration your needs and lifestyle, be that on the couch, trail running or park running, and you combine that with the activities that your pet will be sharing with you, then it is much easier to choose a product that is going to suit both of you.


Animal Emergency contacts:
If you are incapacitated, or your animal gets hurt, someone needs to be ready to take care of you and or your pets.  Have the following information nearby in case of an emergency:









after hours 



_____________ MICROCHIP COMPANY _____________


_____________ TRAINER _____________



We wish you well in this journey of having a new family member, it is not always easy or fun, but the benefits always outweigh the negatives.  Remember to subscribe to our mailing list, to stay up to date with all the latest pet news.

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First Time Pet Ownership Guide



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