Field+Forests new signature recipe wet food range

Treat your dogs to a nutritious meal with Field+Forest’s new signature recipe wet food range

Pet parents can finally sit down to a hearty lunch or dinner with their dog's thanks to the launch of a new delectable wet food range developed by ultra-premium dog food range, Field+Forest™.

Field and Forest Pet Nutrition, Wet Food for Pets, Pet Nutrition, Montego new pet food range, Pet Healthcare, Food

Choose from three mouth-watering recipes – Succulent Lamb, Tender Duck and Delectable Salmon – developed to promote a Protein Centric Diet™ for dogs. This means pet parents can rest assured that their fur-family tucks into only the finest nutrient-rich meats, wholesome fresh produce and high-quality vitamins, free from grain and additives.

“We’re of the opinion that pets are part of the family, and when we all get together for a meal there’s no question that our dogs should join in the revelry and be treated to a delectable, hearty meal of their own,” says Wilfred Cawood, Marketing Manager of Field+Forest. “Our new grain free wet food range is not only intended to be tasty, but wholesome as nature intended, and offers assurance to pet owners that they are feeding their companions only the very best.”

Field and Forest Pet Nutrition, Wet Food for Pets, Pet Nutrition, Montego new pet food range, Pet Healthcare, Food

Pets – a part of the family

Globally, pets are increasingly viewed as family members and respected companions who should be treated to similar experiences and luxuries to that of their humans. This has led to innovations like dog ice cream, dog yoga and even puppuccinos – a special cappuccino developed just for pups.

While some of these inventions are often deemed excessive, it’s simply an indication of the growing number of pet owners who believe their pets deserve to be treated like people – especially when it comes to what they eat.

As human beings become warier of the ingredients contained in the foods they put into their own bodies, they are just as mindful about what goes into the food that’s made for their pets. Grains, non-nutritive additives, and preservatives that are now considered ‘filler’ ingredients in pet food are being done away with, as pet parents opt for ranges with quality proteins like poultry, red meat and fish, real fruits and veggies, and healthy additions like flaxseed oils and encapsulated fatty acids.

Field and Forest Pet Nutrition, Wet Food for Pets, Pet Nutrition, Montego new pet food range, Pet Healthcare, Food

“The ingredients we use in our Field+Forest products are sourced from trusted, sustainable suppliers, ensuring that pets get the very best nutrients that there is to offer,” says Cawood. “Our new wet food range follows suite and contains only the finest and most delicious and nutritious ingredients, allowing for Optimum Biosuitability.

Field and Forest Pet Nutrition, Wet Food for Pets, Pet Nutrition, Montego new pet food range, Pet Healthcare, FoodWHY FIELD + FOREST™?

The Field + Forest™ approach to formulation is simple. By learning from the natural diet of dogs and their wild ancestors, we have a perfect dietary blueprint. That’s why we let nature be our guide in every way. This means a variety of high-quality proteins, nutrient-rich meats, wholesome fruits & vegetables, perfectly balanced for Optimum Biosuitability™, with no added grains, gluten or unnecessary supplemental additives.


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”Field+Forest Wet Food for adult dogs can be purchased in individual tubs or in multipacks of six that contain two tubs of each flavour, available at a recommended retail price of R45 per tub and R270 per multipack, from a Field+Forest  stockist near you.


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