DIY Thunder Strap That Really Works for Stressed Dogs & Cats

Dogs and Cats are extremely sensitive to loud noises, especially when it comes to lightning, thunder and fire crackers during a fireworks display.  Some animals experience a temporary insanity during such an event, and they can get very hurt in the effort to escape these noises.  

If you are anything like me, I absolutely hate fireworks nights.  As pretty as they might be to us humans, they are exactly the opposite for animals.  There is very little we can do about bad weather, and we just have to hope we can be home in time to help our fur children before it all starts.

If you have a dog or cat that is fearful of these lights and sounds, then you too should consider trying out the DIY Thunder Strap.  It is very easy to wrap around the animal.

Remember to use the “two- finger” collar rule when applying the strap around the neck (i.e. easily slide two fingers between the strap and your dogs neck without pressure).


Other Tips to help your pets during Fireworks and Thunder:

  1. Turn on the radio and if you can, play soothing music.
  2. Turn on all the lights in the house, and close the curtains.
  3. Speak to your vet about giving them a calming product.
  4. If you know how to crate your dog, do so.  Otherwise, a safe soft and warm spot under a table or bed or inside a cupboard will help them to hide in their 'den'.
  5. Have their favourite treat nearby, and give them a treat to help calm the nerves.
  6. Make use of the DIY Thunder Vest trick as and when you can.

Remember that our pets pick up on our emotions, and it is therefor critical to stay calm for their sake.  We hope this information helped you and your pets stay calm during the next thunder or fireworks experience.  Please do share this article if you feel it was worth it for your pets too.  Thank you.


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