Animal Shelter Development Project

Press Release: 1 March 2018

The ARRO Legacy Project has just enjoyed its public launch in February 2018 after undergoing intensive research over the past three years.  

The ARRO Legacy Project aims to build (or in some cases, rebuild) animal shelters around South Africa (starting with the Western Cape) – with the intention to become a Global authority in Animal Shelter Development with an ISO14001 accreditation. In addition, we aim to offer training and mentorship to these new shelters that will provide a model for them to create self-sustainable income streams, provide accommodation for both animals and the humans who work with them, improve all round productivity and most importantly, increase adoption rates and reducing animal cruelty due to over-population and mismanagement by means of increasing mass sterilisation projects.

The Problem: 

Currently, there is a massive influx of people as well as animals (as pets) into the Western Cape. This has contributed to the already growing number of  ‘pop up’ animal shelters - many that are akin towards informal living conditions -  out of dire need to tend to the many forms of animal neglect and abuse.  When these organisations run into financial problems as many do, in addition to a lack of resources (due to their rural location) and too many animals - there was no organisation that focussed on their needs or those of the animals rescued.  ARRO grew out of that need. Because the concept is a start-up, we can only focus on the Western Cape to begin with but plan to reach other regions soon.

The Solution:

Our plans include building animal shelters that will :

  • Increase adoption rates by as much as 75%
  • Build a veterinary clinic, boarding kennel and grooming parlour on each facility to help with their long term income.
  • Each shelter will have a quarantine facility to help avoid outbreaks (which lead to lock-down and very high vet bills)
  • Each shelter will have a pre-adoption area, adoption area and a play-field for volunteers and visitors to enjoy.
  • Our system is designed to improve productivity and retain staff and volunteers.
  • Each shelter will also have accommodation for long term staff, the vet, and opportunities for overseas volunteers to pay for their stay.

Our plan has been finely tuned based on the very successful new Cape of Good Hope SPCA model. Furthermore, our architect happens to be the same talent behind the newly designed CoGH SPCA which was recently nominated for a prestigious award.

How you can help us:

We are in the initial phase to raise funding, which will shortly be followed by community support to help build these shelters. Thus far, the project has been self-funded by the organisations trustees but the time has now come for us to bring this project to life.  We request corporate organisations who wish to meet their CSI / BEE criteria and are willing to donate towards a better future for animal welfare and the people who help them, to contact us for further details.

Honorary Donor Wall

A wall of remembrance and gratitude will be visible to all visitor of each ARRO Built Animal Shelter, with a display of each and every donation and sponsor who contributed to each project.

Thank you for supporting us. 

Juanita Aitkenhead

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With your donation we will be able to make a difference not only for now, but for the future of both the animals and the people who offer their lives to take care of them. 

Banking Details:

Account Name :      Animal Rescue and Rehabilitation Org Trust
Account No:            10011994499
Bank:                       Investec Bank Limited
Branch:                   100 Grayston Drive
Branch code:           580105
Reference:              Your Email Address


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