7 Networking tips for Pet Business Owners

Networking is not only about going to a venue and being forced to speak to unfamiliar faces.  I know that many people don’t like networking, but it is critical to take your pet business to the next level.  Today we are going to discuss a few options that you can consider to make use of which could help you moving forward with your Pet Business.

Don’t get me wrong, networking (and talking to strange people in a crowded room) is a very good way of marketing yourself and your Pet Business too, for sure.  So if you are already doing this, keep up the good work!

Here are a few easy options to help you to improve your networking skills for your pet business.

1.  Emailing people

Pet Health Care News LetterNewsletters are good.  They are critical for good communication about your product and services. If you don’t have a newsletter database, start one today.  It’s easy, just ask your clients for their email addresses.  Start small, even if you only have 10 people in the beginning.  It keeps clients up to date with what you have been up to.   We suggest you try an online software program called MailChimp, it’s fairly easy to use and free for the first 2000 subscribers.

However, find time to also get personal and send more personal emails to people in your network.  Ask them for help or thank them for what they have done to help you grow.  It’s always good to be a little more personal every now and again.


2. Connect with people who are near to you.

I dare you to ask people in your network to have a drink with you.  Catch up and do small talk.  Who knows what amazing connections you can make, if you just ask?

"In order to succeed, your desire for success should be greater
than your fear of failure.
Bill Cosby



3.  If you don’t have a LinkedIn account, its best to get one today.

LinkedIn is a fantastic source of people who are mostly only talking business.  Every person you have ever worked with is there to help give you references and prove to would-be clients credibility of what you do and who you are in the Pet Business world.



4. Twitter, use it or lose out.

Twitter is a social network opportunity that is about the here and the now.  I find that the best way to communicate via twitter is via a phone app, but to start a Twitter account, rather register online and get your profile looking good.

The main aim of all Twitter posts is the following:

  • You want people to follow you,
  • so it means you have to Tweet useful tweets.
  • And then you really would like your followers to retweet your tweets.

After achieving the above successfully, please don’t forget to say thank you.  If people Retweet your tweets thank them or ask them questions of what part of the tweet (or maybe you posted a link to an article) that they liked the most.

And finally, please don’t forget to retweet other interesting tweets too:  Sharing is caring.


5.  Don’t Give up

If you want someone (Client or maybe a Supplier) to become part of your network, then please never give up.  Keep at them with phone calls and emails. Always be polite and understand that they also have lives and are busy, but giving up is not the answer.


"Success is not the key to happiness.
Happiness is the key to success. If you love what you are doing, you will be successful."
  Albert Schweitzer


6.  Say Thank You.

Showing gratitude is so important in life.  How many times have people said or done something to help you improve your Pet Business?  No matter how big and famous you have become, take the time to say thank you. Send a thank you note when someone has helped you in your network and Pet Business.  Dont just assume people will be there for you.  We are all human and we love working with people that understand and respect each other.    Show them a little love. 

I always try to remember this quote :
"Be kind to everyone you meet because you never know what battles people are fighting"

Never forget to be grateful for what you have, and have achieved - even in your personal life. If you think there is nothing to be grateful about: think of the day that you started and of how you have progressed to where you are now. Is this not a fast step from where you have come? Every day of your life, be grateful for what you have, including your family and your health.

7.  Invest in Yourself

My personal favourite:  If you have your own Pet Business, then I suggest that you join a good networking group or a business coach.  See how your Pet Business will take off.  Being an entrepreneur is one of the hardest jobs to fill.  It takes hard work, time and dedication.  There are some days when you just feel like you are 100% alone in this big world. By investing in yourself and getting a support structure in place will do wonders for you, your family and your Pet Business.  It’s always money well spent.

"Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts."
I hope these ideas will point you and your pet business in the right direction.  Not everything is for everyone, but I believe there should be something in here for you that could help you get the edge over your competition in your pet business. Embrace your life and your goals, be different and use it to your advantage. Happy networking!

We will leave you with the following question:  What are you going to do to help your Pet Business move to the next level?

By: Juanita Aitkenhead
Editor and owner of PetHealthCare.co.za

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