Expert nutritionist Paul Jacobson discusses diabetes on Smile FM Radio

by Paul Jacobson:  Recently at media presentation, myself, Celeb Chef Jenny Morris and expert Nutritionist, Sally-Ann Creed, discuss the modern trends to wholesome and healthy cooking.

Sally-Ann Creed eluded the fact that we, as humans, consume, daily, without knowing it, an incredible quantity of sugars. This not because we are eating huge quantities of sugar itself, but because of the refined carbs that have become a staple part of our diets.

Refined carbs convert very aggressively into sugars. The resultant effect is diabetes which is plaguing our communities world-wide.

However, diabetes is also very prevalent in pets and the increase in diabetic cats and dogs is just unbelievable. This all due to the consumption of high carb kibble diets:

“Every time a pet trustingly eats another bowl of high sugar pet food, he is being brought that much closer to diabetes, hypoglycemia, overweight, nervousness, cataracts, allergy and death.” Dr. R.Geoffrey Broderick DVM

In dealing with diabetes one has to be vigilant and ensure that your diets contain very little refined carbs. Even the special doggie treat/biscuit is unacceptable as they all contain corn and wheat. Rather feed as a treat liver biltong or biltong of heathy crunchy veggies like carrots.

Generally one should stay away from ingredients that have a high GI rating. All kibble/pellets are mainly carb and which will convert into sugars that exacerbating the problem. Even the wise person who is feeding a wholesome natural diet should refrain from using high GI veggies like butternut and sweet-potato.

Supplementation is also essential – omega 3 fish oils and wholesome probiotics. Apple cider vinegar would also be beneficial in balancing Ph. levels.

Diabetes in Dogs Paul Jacobson Vondis Smile904 fm pet health care from Pet Health Care on Vimeo.

“A growing number of vets state that processed pet food is the main cause of illness and premature death in the modern dog and cat.

In December 1995, the British Journal of Small Animal Practice published a paper contending that processed pet food suppresses the immune system and leads to liver, kidney, heart and other diseases.


This research, initially conducted by Dr. Tom Lonsdale, was researched further by the Australian Veterinary Association and proven to be correct.” From the British Journal of Small Animal Practice “ 

About Paul Jacobson

Paul Jacobson is a Pet Food Nutritionist and qualified chef and owner of Vondis Holistic Pet Nutrition. Vondis has been producing natural pet food for 20 years and is a registered nutritional pet food. Paul is actively involved in educating the public on the benefits of natural diets for pets and a holistic approach when treating them.

The product is promoted and stocked by a wide spectrum of vets, homeopaths, health stores and pet shops.



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