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Country: South Africa
Province: Western Cape
City / Town: Durbanville
Street Address: Unit 8 & 9, Sycamore Park, Atlas Gardens, Cape Town, Durbanville
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Service Type Other Pet Service
Brief description of service BringMeHome is an online database which stores information about pets and their owners when they are chipped with BringMeHome microchips.

The BringMeHome database allows for people to search and locate animals which belong to a unique ID. Once the Vet/Welfare has found the profile of the pet and pet owner, they are able to make contact with the owner and also view vaccination/medical information about the pet which may be crucial to the animals survival.

BringMeHome also supplies microchips for other animal identification such as Horses, Reptiles, Lab Animals, Parrots, Rabbits & also Wildlife animals such as Buffalo, Eland, etc.

BringMeHome is part a RFID Experts Africa brand and we specialise but are not limited to the Agricultural Market.
Our Services cater for Dogs, Cats, Horses, Donkeys
We also cater for Reptiles, Rabbits, Buffalo, Eland
Cost for Bring Me Home Microchip - Subject to Change
Microchip Database Bring Me Home is FREE of charge
Microchips are sold subject to a sliding scale to VETS, Welfares and Traders
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Phone: 021 556-0003
Cell phone: 074 258 1214
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