Bitten off more than your pet can chew?

September – National Hill’s Pet Dental Month

It’s not only people who need to ‘brush up’ their dental routine. Dental disease is the number one health problem in cats and dogs aged three years and older.  Dr Cedric Tutt, a Veterinary Specialist in Dentistry, explains how to keep your pet’s mouth in tip top condition:

Daily brushing:
“Brushing is the best way to remove plaque. Otherwise plaque hardens into calculus which needs to be removed under general anaesthetic.”

Feed special foods that help keep teeth clean:
“I recommend Hill’s Prescription Diet t/d for animals with oral health problems. The kibbles have a special fibre that prevents the biscuit from disintegrating when bitten, instead it helps to physically clean the tooth.”

Toys and treats:
“Hooves and bones appear to be one of the biggest causes of teeth fractures and hard plastic Frisbees are not ideal. Rather use softer toys made of rubber or rope.”

Annual check-up:
“Ask the vet to examine your pet’s mouth during its annual visit. If you notice bad breath or bleeding gums take your pet to the vet immediately.”

For expert advice speak to your vet.


For more information on foods that help keep your pet’s teeth clean visit




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